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Best Hentai Game EVER!

Dive into the colorful and thrilling hentai world filled with the nastiest of babes. Get to know their juicy desires as you move through the levels of the game. Enjoy illustrations, fun creative dialogs and gameplay. Treat yourself to the juiciest hentai stories and the kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted characters, who will tease the taste pallet of most experienced connoisseurs of this genre. Pussy Saga is more than just erotica, but the most sophisticated porn game you've ever seen! Try it out!
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Inga: Strip

This hot blonde's name is Inga. And if you happened to read the whole title of this game you already know what you are going to do with her tonight - you will make her to unwrap for you. There will be nothing too challenging - just click on the active spots of her dress and underwear so she could knew what she has to take off next. Enjoy this short improvised striptease flash! After that you can directive her to play with her tits or her hairy beaver a small bit but looks liek she is too timid to masturbate when someone is watching. Well, could be in the next sequence of this anime porn game series she will be more willing to fuck... For more games where you can unwrap and very likely even fuck hot blondes (and redheads, and brunettes ofcourse!) Simply check our website! Have fun!
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Quickie: Reika

Another short but great book from Quickie series. This time you're going to stop by your sister Reika. During this visit you received invite to a party. Who knows how it will turn out and how that may impact your future relationship.
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The Rubdown Institute 2: The customer is always right

The customer is always right. Thsi rule works in a lot of places and our massage institute is not an exception. Besides this is also a title for the second sequence of the series thet you are about to play right here and now. As you very likely remeber from the very first epsidoe (which you nicer play before kicking off this one in the event that you have not yet) Ivan, Patrick and Suzi are functioning collectively in a massage parlour possessed by Christina. Also you migth rember their girlfriends and regular customers and that trying to be nice with everyone at teh same time might be a problematic... So try to locate a proper balance in new scenarios that will come up today by choosing proper answers so as to get what you wish for the many - as much erotic content as possible!
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Autopsy Ward - Another Victim That Day

In this slightly strange and sadomasochistic game, you will play the role of a man who torments femmes and uncovers bods. On living homeless men and women, in an underground laboratory experiments are conducted. They are cut before passing to find out how much a person can live. A beautiful and huge-boobed lady turned out to be one of those who will participate in this monstrous and not humane experiment. You see a beautiful and sexy lady who lies on the medical table. She is downright naked. At the bottom of the game screen you will understand the control panel. Use the numerous buttons and switches for the experiment. You are able to cut the lady and cut her leg. Or pump up drugs. Definitely this game for real maniacs.
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The Sex Therapist 3: News from a prior paramour

Are you ready for the thrid session with your orgy therapist? Because in this gig you will get some"News from a former lover"! You will be playing as dude named Jim. One day you have found out that your wifey was cheating on you and this is the main reason you both decided that you need a help from orgy therapist as an attempt to keep the marriage. This fuck-fest therapist is Natalia who also happens to be truly hot looking woman. But looks like she I snot the only alluring female who has entered your life at the moment when you have problems with your wife - a single day you also got a phone form Agnes, your ex-lover... How the story will go further and how it will end you will be deciding by choosing different answers in dialog segments. If you are planning to see at least one of these models that are erotic nude choose wisely!
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Dungeon Frank Nicole

Your task is to excite captured girl to fuck her and cum inside her. Keep an eye on stress gauge, don't let it get full. Fill the thrill gauge and you're going to be able to use all tools. A clue: Click on the hand tool twice, you can switch mode of hand use.
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Romp on the Beach

Kelly is the name of the waitress who works at the club. But this not just some typical club - this club is situated on the beach and if you prefer sexuy looking fury ladies then you are going to enjoy the amount of hospitality this place can offer! After the short introduction scene the game will begin. You will be playing as some dude who is more interested in the witress than in the drink that he has ordered. The thing is that Kelly has accidently spilled your drink all over you and now she will have to locate a way to apologize to you and this way will be like a lot of sexy activities... Gameplay will varry from scen to scen - from pretty intense clicker in one minigame to more relaxing gameplay where you simply should carry out unique actions as they become available.
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Dusty's Castle

The major character of this interesting game turned out to be in a strange and ancient castle. Here candles are burning and various incomprehensible sounds are heard. You first have to look around. Let's go to the room on the right. There is a table on which there is a whole good deal of food. Look it over. Something strange. Let's go down to the basement..there are many unique items. Hmm.. Well, do it. Definitely have to get some kind of clues to locate a way out. Here is the principal mission of this game. You must navigate through the castle employing the"WASD" buttons as well as interact with game objects to become additional items or tips. This game requires attention and perseverance. Be careful sometimes monsters show up in the castle. If they catch you, you'll be raped by them. Survive and locate the path to freedom.
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Exposing Sexy Mina

If you desired to turn into a pilot only because you wante dto fuck a stewardess then you can just play this game! So you will be playing as an airplane pilot that has ended travelling for the night. You along with other staff members are gonna go to the hotel. Among them is going to probably be Mina - lovely stewardess who has ended her very first shift! She tops by at your room and... well, what will happen next now depends on you and decisions that you will make. Choose one of conversation lines but choose wisely - any of this line can budge you further the story or instantaneously budge you to game over screen. Enjoy photos, observe her actions and activate all of your pickup skills because all your actions will be counted at the end. There will be a great deal of hot content so you finer do your best to see it!
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Super-sexy Girls

In this interesting anime porn flash game you will have to catch luck by the tail. And also do it rather quickly because time is constrained. Examine the game screen. You see 6 playing cards. They are turned back to you. Click on the game cards and you will notice a picture from the back side. Now you have to find the same card from the remaining 5 cards. As shortly as you discover the exact same pair of cards, they will disappear from the screen. After that, you must act in this way and get rid of all the game cards. You will get a bonus if you can do it before the time runs out. This will be a picture of depraved and big-chested anime porn women. If you're ready, then commence playing at this time.
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Meet and Pound Denise Milani

Are you a lover of big organic globes and slim assets? Then this game is for you! Our heroine is one of the most beautiful women in the LA Denise Milani. Her gorgeous breast drives all boys crazy. There are a number of movies and movies round the net of her. And unfortunately, she never showed her naked tits on camera. But don't be upset, you're play for a superhero, since today you're fated to save that awesome beauty from mugger. Then may be, she'll make an exception for you and you'll get never-to-be-forgotten night with nude Denise Milani:)
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Everyone Luvs Dick - Zack Fisher

Dick receives invitation to his school reunion. At the beginning he doesn't wish to go but his wife makes him to proceed and there he meets with his high school competitor -- Zack Fisher. Zack Fisher challenges him again.
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Memory Figures 3

In this adult flash game you need to use your brain and the ability to remember. The main mission in the game is to find the same pair of cards and open them. Once you do this, the cards will be gone and you'll see some of the big picture. The goal of the game is to remove all cards for a certain time, that would enjoy porn pictures. And the most important rule - you will only have one minute of time, that would open all the cards. If you can not open them all - the game is over. So act quickly and wisely, to see as many depraved and frank pictures as possible.
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Lois Doggie-style

Would you like to fuck huge-boobed Lois Griffin? In this game, you can do it. Just hard fuck Lois Griffin from behind and she will get satisfaction. First, look at the game screen. The controls are located beneath the bottom. Now, take a look at Lois Griffin. She will tell you what to do. You have to click on the ideal control so that Lois Griffin can be sated. For example - Lois Griffin tells you -"Fuck me Gentle." You must click on the"Gentle" icon. In this way, you will be able to sate Lois Griffin in her sexual desires. Fuck this red-haired attractiveness like a cheap whore and see how she will scream from pleasure and anguish, when a fat dick will fuck her pink cootchie.
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Airline Attendant

Ever dreamed to have a flight where you will be the only passenger which will brin all attention from the blonde fligth attendant only to you? Well, you very likely will after you will get a glimpse of it in this anime porn game! So the game embarks when you are lareday on board and airlane attendant indeed wants to know what you would like to drink. Have a conversation with her and try to be pollite because she is not some cheap mega-bitch that will fuck you at the very same second as you will ask her. Make your charm work in dilaog scenes, and pick the lines. And don't worry - you will playing touching and undressing minigames with this hot chick pretty briefly! Just try to find the proper order of actions that will make her pleasure level to get bigger more and more.
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Satan Girl

Blond red-haired female the demon must get out of a strange and horrible place. Her path lies along the road on which a great deal of traps and creatures that are dangerous. Use the control keys to leap, crouch and bashful away from the critters. Because if she is caught by a monster afterward there will be fuck-a-thon. Monsters will not stand on ceremony using a big-titted female. They will fuck her toughly and difficult in all of her amazing raw fuckholes. And each time the female will eliminate energy. If it drops to 0 game will end. Your aim - to pass the level the female was large. And avoid contact with monsters and traps.
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Sohos Ep. 4

Sohos is a string of animated stories which tells about their adventures in the world of fashoion and clubs and collection of high class models. Well, if you can call banging every time and every place possible an escapade... This is 4th scene and it is not an exception. Just before enjoy the story without any distraction on any gameplay. Some of characters you will see here are from former scenes so in case if you want to have a nicer understanding on what happens here you should check our webite for those vignettes before playing this one. If you are not interested in any stories or characters interactions and just want to see some hot blondie giving a sucky-sucky to some wealthy dude in his limo then click on play button at the moment.
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Basement of Cataclysm [v 4]

Very interesting escapade flash game. The game takes place in the fantasy kingdom. You are a normal resident who has to go on a journey of fear that would save the kingdom. So very first he will talk to the chick in the tavern. To navigate, use the arrow keys. Just press the"Z" button to skip the dialogs. Go to the gate of the castle and talk to the guard. She must test you. Win it in battle using magic and physical strength. Whenever you do that, let it be free. And you can go on a journey through terrible and dark labyrinths. There are several monsters in them - kill them all. In addition, you can enjoy a few water fairies. Then you're able to deal with them with lewd fucky-fucky.
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The Intercourse Tape 4: the Outcome

If you have played preceding sequences of"The Sex Tape" videogame series earlier then you truly won't want to miss this one because this sequence will be the conclusion for teh whole story. Just before you will be playing as man named Terry. Your investigation of a hump tape which compromises a well known actor Tom Power is about to end and you need only one main question remained - was it truly Tom on this tape? And your chief is truly waiting for your report on this one since it will mean quite big cash reward for both of you. This sum will be truly helpful in settling up your problems with bank. So looks like solving Tom's issue will allow you to address yours as well... or not? Play with this final chapter of erotic escapade to find out yourself!
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Sauna Fuck

After a long and difficult work week, you decided to go to the sauna. Going inside, you understand that there are two stripped and huge-titted blondes. From such a spectacle your fucking dick came into working order. First, choose one of two huge-titted blondes. You will see the game menu on the right over the screen - use it to fuck a huge-titted whore in a cootchie or cock-squeezing booty. After you toughly fucked one blonde - switch your attention to another damsel - she also wants to do with you lecherous hook-up. Fuck these sexy blondes in all of their taut fuck crevasses again and again until they begin to receive a monstrous and violent orgasm out of a sexual act.
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Sports Damsel

Being a coach for a gymnastycs team requires from you not only to train your students every day but also to care for them when it is necessary. For example one of your students is preparing for the exact important competition and that is why she spends hours and hours at the gym every day. Ofcourse she could use some assistance from you personally and as a fantastic trainer you will never turn down in cheering up your own students. And what can be a finer place to cheer up one of your most busty students than the showers after instruction? There will be some seduction part before the main act but it is impossible to shed here so don't worry - sooner or afterwards you will offer this cutie a distinctive course of physical excersises that she deserves... and very likely not formerly!
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Pool Table

Now you are at the pool table with three hot babes. Your task is to talk to them and force them to make interactions with each other. Read messages carefully, pick up some items and utilize them.
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Yoshinos Style

Fuck her hard and fuck her on Yoshino's design. By clicking on the buttons at your left switch the angle. Switch sex speed. Do not enable the game over meter attain its end. And fill the fun meter to take pleasure in the bonus scene.
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