Magic Shop

    You ar egoing to visit a magic store - a place where any desire become real if you will get the required ingredients in decent proportions. But you are going to visit it not as customer but as Joe - youthful man who is working here as an assisatnt manager and scarcely knows anything. That's why usually the holder does all the job but he had some significant thinsg to do in other place so Joe is the only one who is going to serve customers. The program was that holder could return earlier than any guest would arrive in the doorstep however Biannca - that the beatuful red-haired woman - was fortunate enough to arrive at the store in the exact same afternoon... Try to guess what she wants and attempt to find a recepie by attempting all the possible mixes. And do not worry - any outcomes will be fairly titillating!
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Slave Lord [v 1.4.1]

You're the god. You have left grounds north of the supreme wall. You're obsessed with all the ability of this ring of energy. Your black thoughts shovel you . With this you will need a army of trolls and orcs. Start training an army of dinosaurs using platz along with barracks. Following training, it is possible to visit the living room and loosen. Get down to the workshop and make coins. From a retailer, you can purchase some things that are essential for coins. From the area to the best of the living room you'll see a youthfull and huge-titted damsel. You'll have the ability to train her because your own individual whore. Her jugs to make them thicker. Fuck her at a cunt to sate your passion. Then put off in pursuit of a ring of energy, Whenever you're prepared. Good fortune come dark god may.

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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.02)

If you love visiting costume play themed conventions then you will be very disappointed when you will find out that one of such events was chosen by the witch as her kicking off point of taking over the world! Fortunately there's a magician sequence whose obligation is to stop such awful things from occurring and much more - you'll end up playing as among those mages from using this purchase and collectively with your lovely looking accomplice you may do anything to prevent this witch from receiving the most alluring cosplayers beneath her posession! Research the hallways, get quests, and help everybody who wants help and combat those who's already obtained under poor influence to be able to bring back them (and to get a duo nice pictures together following their costume is going to probably be bruised in conflict )!

Tags: hentai, parody, pokemon, cosplay, adult, story, magic, quest, humor, explore, rpg
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Spectacular Magic 3

Here you're in the half way thorugh (because there are supposed to become five epsiodes in complete for today ) that the wonderfull and by a means titillating venture of some youthful mage who undoubtedly has any abilities that assists him not just to escape from unusual and tricky conditions but also to have laid with lovely ladies residing in the exact magical universe. For instance in this section of the narrative our fellow will find the opportunity to get some excellent funtime with blond fairy but to be able to do this he might need to rescue her in the large and wicked monster... and he also will not be in a position to do this sans the participant obviosuly! So hop right into the fresh venture, solve puzzles, and budge farther thru the narrative and ofcourse love most of the jokey and hot moments! Chapters of the game show it is possible to locate on our webiste.

Tags: hentai, fantasy, fairy, magic, quest, humor, medieval, gamcore
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Stunning Magic 4

Part four of an interactive flash game about a wizard who went to earn stardom completing the queen's tasks. He dropped into mountain bikers, Now. His job is to locate a sacred artifact. You have to use a wand to reduce the bridge. You can cross the lava river. Use interactive items to solve puzzles and avoid traps. You'll need to take it into the 15, As soon as you discover the artifact. Following that, you will be invited by her and you will engage in depraved orgy. You desire the queen to offer you a oral pleasure. And you can fuck the queen in her royal caboose. Let us commence the game at the moment.

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